Hey Homies, How’re you doing? I really hope you’re fine, it’s really interesting because we’re almost done the next week we finish this semester, it’s a little sad because I’ll missto learn about social marketing, seo, and web business, but I’m really happy because I’ll return to program and learn code and web languages, but it’s okey, I’ll do my best until this semester is done.

This week was really interesting because the first part we were able to learn about Links Rakings, in my case for my the best works when they’re short and they go to my web page, that’s really powerful, there were many ideas about to work with that.

The Second part was about Google Analytics we needed to learn to use the tool in order to see the results, we made it with a demo account, we needed to find data about country, gender, devices, browsers, etc. After the practice I took a test, where I obtained “A” that’s makes me so happy because now I know to use this tool, even I need to work hard more to find more answers but with time I’ll learn.

This is the last blog, it was a plesure to write you every week, I hope you can be fine ;D I see you soon my dear friends