I recently completed the WordPress Practicum (COMM 497A) offered by BYU-Idaho, and I have to say that it was an excellent class that provided me with a wealth of knowledge and skills related to WordPress. The course ran for about 7 weeks and covered topics such as managing WordPress, creating websites with Divi, and applying best practices for web design and development.

As the university states, this class is a specialized practicum that trains students in the software WordPress. It includes regular instruction, class times, and assignments, which are designed to help students gain practical experience in using this popular content management system.

Thanks to this course, I was able to apply my new skills as a Full Stack Web Developer at Marbust Technology Company, where I was tasked with creating and managing WordPress sites for clients. The knowledge and expertise I gained from the WordPress Practicum have been invaluable in my work, and I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to enhance their skills in WordPress and web development.