Hi, This is Marco Antonio. Today I want to share with you a picture from one of my favorite flavors, it’s from my mission.



This picture was taken from the next URL=https://www.flickr.com/photos/faccig/5497559125 The Author is Gustavo Facci , it’s given by the  Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

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If you know about Marketing, you’ll know what is contrast, this is what we want to call the atention, to catch to our atention, here in this picture the Soda Can is the most important thing to show, for example I love this clear image only in the soda, but you can see the background has a blur effect, in my words they did this because there’s only one message for our minds: “only think in Guarana Antartica.” About this contrast we see the difference between colors the Soda Can has lights colors.


Continuing with this analysis, there are many repetitive things in this picture, I’ll explain each one of them.

  1. The big logo is both sides of the soda, even we can’t see the other side for the perspective but there’s a part.
  2. The Fruit picture is in two part, the first in the big logo, the second in the information line.
  3. There’s a effect of cold soda, for example there are little drops of water repeated in the bottom of the Can.


In this picture there’re two importants alignments the first one is in the big logo, it has the centered alignment, the other is another center but this is for the soda’s information.

I could find another alignments for example in the Word Antarctica, the final “A” has the same alignment with the word “350 ml” another could be betten the two big logos in the top, and the bottom.


In this picture I could fin many proximities, for example in the information line there’s the same proximity for every element, for example between the phone numbers, code bar, the logos, and a little white box with numbers in green.

Another in the big logo between the three important lines, the first Guarana, the second Antarctica, and the third one Original Do Brasil, I like this because it gives an important sense between the country with a delicous flavor.

There’s a little proximity in both sides of the big logo’s bottom it’s little this, maybe it’s because the space.

The third one it’s given on the big logo’s top, and the 350ml to the information line.


I could fin 3 main colors in this picture, the colors have different shades, but they’re “Green, White, and Red”

  1.  White. I could write the numbers in the picture in order to explain better this point for example there’s a white in the backgroud, the place where the soda is sited, and finally in the soda there’re many whites but they have different shades.
  2. Green, this is the most powerful color in this picture, it’s the Trademark color. We start from a dark green to a light, I love the mixure in the soda between those greens, another combination in the background blur.
  3. Red is used in the big logo, and fruit picture.


This design is really good, I loved it, because has a good design model, it follows the five principles we learned until this time, I gives to the user one focus on the soda, the background gives a perfect contrast on the soda, that repeated drops in the soda follows that model of repetition and shows it’s really cold, giving a sense of thristy to the person who’s watching it. In my personal words, it could travel for a little to that place having the desires to drink the soda, and have that wonderful coldness in a sunny day.

I’m not a perfect designer, I’m learning and my deepest desire is  to design like a professional.

I have respect for the contend used in this blog.